Mansfield Arts Festival is an annual celebration of the Arts in Richland County showcasing local artists and wonderful talent in our area.

This year’s festival will be held on September 17, 2022.

THEME: This year’s theme for the show is EVERYONE is an ARTIST!

Mansfield Arts Festival

Local Artists…

The theme is centered around Cosplay. If you don’t know what that is….it is….playing dress-up for people of all ages.

If you could be anyone or anything else for a day, what would you be? Show us your steampunk, superhero, fairy tale character, dragon slayer, mermaid, action hero, gypsy, space force, self sprinkled with a little fairy dust. Most of all, have fun! Vendors and guests are encouraged to wear a costume.

Mansfield Arts Festival



We want to make this an interactive experience to promote the idea that art is something you do and not just watch other people do. We would like to see every vendor have some type of activity, game, or takeaway that people can EXPERIENCE. Start coming up with ideas now.

Mansfield Arts Festival

Fun for everyone…


Check back here as more details will be added as they become available.